How do I separate my sales by FBA and Merchant Fulfilled?

Some of my Amazon marketplace products are fulfilled from our warehouse

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FBA or "Fulfillment By Amazon" orders will have some different fees than Amazon orders fulfilled at your facility.  Because of this, you may want to separate which transaction types are from FBA and which are from Merchant Fulfilled on your Profit & Loss Statement.  

To group sales by FBA and MF, go to A2X Settings and Invoices to add this setting.

Make sure you scroll down and click Update Invoice Settings.

Refresh at least one settlement that has both types of fulfillment to affect your Accounts and Taxes page.

There are two ways you can record the split between them in the accounting system:

  1. If you expand a section, such as Sales and Refunds, using the orange + sign, you will see the sales and refunds broken down by FBA or Merchant fulfilled.  This allows you to allocate these to separate sales and refunds accounts.  

Account Examples instead of one account, Sales:
FBA Sales
Merchant Fulfilled Sales

You can apply this approach to any of the other Accounts and Taxes sections that split these two methods of fulfillment.

    2. Another option is to keep the accounts the same for both types of fulfillment and
        then apply the tracking or classes set up in Xero or QuickBooks Online to the
        settlements when they arrive in the accounting system.  This is a manual process
        as A2X can only map to marketplaces tracking and classes at this time.

Examples of Tracking or Classes:
Merchant Fulfilled

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