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How to use Xero Tracking or QuickBooks Classes for Amazon Marketplaces in A2X
How to use Xero Tracking or QuickBooks Classes for Amazon Marketplaces in A2X

Run Profit & Loss Reports by Marketplace in Xero or QuickBooks Online

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A2X integrates with both Xero's and QuickBooks Online's tracking features. In Xero these are called Tracking categories, in QuickBooks Online these are called Classes. 

If you have multiple Amazon Marketplaces or want to track your Amazon marketplace separately from your other channels, you can track your sales by marketplace. 

You can see how well each marketplace is performing by running a Profit and Loss report for each marketplace.

To be able to do this you must first add tracking categories by marketplace in your accounting software. Here are our guides for doing this:
Setting up Tracking in Xero
Setting up Classes in QuickBooks Online

Once you have set up tracking or classes, refresh your Cache in A2X Connections, and you will then be able to set up your tracking categories in A2X Invoice Settings

Pick the tracking from your accounting to match your marketplace from the dropdown and then click "Update Invoice Settings".

Note: Classes are only available in QuickBooks Online Plus or Advanced.

Settlements will be mapped to the correct Marketplace when they are sent to Xero or QuickBooks Online.

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