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Amazon Inferred Marketplaces
Amazon Inferred Marketplaces
Written by Norrie Sheng
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A2X determines the marketplace of Amazon settlements based on their transactions. However, some transaction types don't include a marketplace, for example, 'Previous Reserve Amount Balance'. For settlements that only contain transactions without defined marketplaces, A2X does its best to infer the marketplace based on the settlement's currency, as well as your account's primary marketplace.

When A2X infers a settlement's marketplace, you will see a blue 'Marketplace' flag in the Settlements table.

A2X provides a way to change the marketplace in the event that the inference is incorrect.

You can send these settlements to your accounting system as-is, in which case they may be entered with the wrong marketplace; however, depending on your tax settings, this may be irrelevant since these types of settlements don't include any sale or refund-related transactions.

Change the Marketplace

If you do want to change the inferred marketplace, open the settlement page and you'll see a banner notifying you of the marketplace inference as well as a link to 'Change marketplace'.

Clicking 'Change marketplace' will give you the option to select a different marketplace within the region.

After clicking 'Save and continue' the settlement will be refreshed with the newly selected marketplace. This may take a short moment. You will need to refresh the page to see the effects.

If you need to change the marketplace again, manually refreshing the settlement will bring the inferred marketplace banner back, and you can make a different selection.

Determining the Marketplace of a Settlement Manually

Confirming what the correct marketplace for a settlement with an inferred marketplace can be done from Seller Central:

  1. Go to Reports > Payments

  2. Select 'All Statements'

  3. Look for a settlement with the matching amount

    1. If you find the settlement, then the currently selected marketplace in Seller Central is the correct marketplace

    2. If you don't see the settlement, you may need to switch Seller Central marketplaces and try again until you've found the marketplace with the corresponding amount.

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