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Important Notice: A2X and Xero's New Invoicing Compatibility
Important Notice: A2X and Xero's New Invoicing Compatibility

Ensuring Smooth Integration for your ecommerce sales to Xero

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At A2X, we strive to provide seamless integration between your ecommerce sales and Xero accounting software. However, we want to inform our valued customers about a compatibility issue that arises when using Xero's new invoicing feature with A2X. In this article, we will explain the situation in detail and offer recommendations to ensure a smooth experience with A2X and Xero.

Understanding the Challenge with Xero's New Invoicing and A2X Compatibility

Xero recently introduced the new invoicing feature, designed to enhance your invoicing process with added functionalities and a modernized interface. While this feature brings benefits, it is important to note that it is currently not fully compatible with A2X.

Recommended Approach for A2X Users

Considering the compatibility challenge with Xero's new invoicing feature, we recommend our customers to switch to Xero's Classic Invoicing version while using A2X. By doing so, you can continue benefiting from A2X's streamlined accounting integration without encountering the chart of accounts issue.

Simply open an invoice in Xero and click on the "Switch to classic invoicing" option at the bottom. You can also select your invoice settings in Xero by going to Accounts > Invoices > Invoice Settings > Invoice Theme and select Classic.

Switching to the New Invoicing Feature

If you decide to transition to Xero's new invoicing feature, please be aware that A2X cannot currently detect whether you are using the new invoicing mode or the classic invoicing mode. Consequently, the chart of accounts issue may persist unless the auto-approve feature is enabled in A2X. We advise enabling this feature within A2X before making the switch to the new invoicing mode.

The Chart of Accounts Issue

When posting entries from A2X to Xero using the new invoicing feature, some users have experienced challenges with the chart of accounts not populating correctly. This issue affects the accuracy of your financial data, which is why we want to ensure you are well-informed and can take appropriate steps to address it.

The Auto-Approve Feature as a Potential Solution

To mitigate the chart of accounts issue, A2X offers an Auto-Approve Invoices feature. Enabling this feature within the A2X app, found under Settings > Automation, ensures that the accounts populate as expected.

However, we do understand that the auto-approve feature may not be suitable for all users, especially those who prefer more control and oversight over their invoicing process.

At A2X, we are dedicated to delivering a seamless experience for our customers. While Xero continues to refine its New Invoicing feature, we want to ensure that you are aware of the current compatibility challenge between A2X and Xero's new invoicing.

By utilizing Xero's Classic Invoicing version, you can enjoy the full integration capabilities of A2X without encountering any chart of accounts issues.

In case that you may have further questions or concerns, our support team is always here to assist you. We will continue to monitor the situation closely and provide updates as Xero works on resolving the compatibility concerns. Your satisfaction and success with A2X remain our top priorities.

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