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Understanding the Transactions List Cleanup Cycle in A2X
Understanding the Transactions List Cleanup Cycle in A2X
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What is the Transactions List Cleanup Cycle? The Transactions List Cleanup Cycle is a feature in A2X that keeps your accounts and taxes transaction list organized and up-to-date. It's especially helpful when you're trying out different settings, like grouping transactions by product type or country.

How Does It Work?

  1. When Invoice Settings affect the Accounts and Taxes Transactions: When you enable specific settings in A2X, such as how transactions are grouped, the system adds new transaction lines to your mappings page allowing you to map your preferred account and tax rate with the additional groupings.

  2. Scheduled Cleanup: To keep things tidy, A2X starts a cleanup cycle, but it waits 8 hours before beginning. This gives you time to try various settings and enable different combinations of settings.

  3. You Can Keep Changing Settings: During this 8-hour window, you can adjust your settings as much as you like. The transaction list is dynamic and will generate different versions of each transaction depending on the settings enabled.

  4. Why Cleanup Is Necessary: Over time, as you try out various settings, your transaction list can become cluttered with these additional entries, making it harder to understand and manage. The cleanup cycle is designed to resolve this by removing entries that are no longer relevant to your current settings.

Why Is This Important?

  1. Keeps Your List Clear: After the cleanup, your transaction list will only show what’s relevant to your current settings. This makes it easier for you to find the transactions you need.

  2. Prevents Clutter: Without this cycle, you might be overwhelmed by a long list of transactions, many of which are no longer applicable to your current setup.

Your Saved Work is Safe:

  • No Change to Saved Settings: Any transaction mappings you’ve saved won’t be touched by the cleanup. The cleanup focuses solely on redundant transaction entries, not your established configurations.

  • Feel Confident in Your Setup: You can keep working on setting up your account, knowing that the cleanup will make your transaction list better, not change your saved work.

Timeline of the Cycle:

  • Immediate Changes: Your transaction list in the accounts and taxes page updates right away when you change settings and refresh a payout.

  • Cleanup Starts Later: The cleanup cycle starts 8 hours after the first setting change, so you have time to experiment.

  • Complete in 24 Hours: The full cleanup process can take up to a day to finish, after which your transaction list will be neat and relevant.

In short, the Transactions List Cleanup Cycle in ABC helps keep your transaction list clear and useful, adapting to your settings while keeping your saved information safe.

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