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A2X Directory Processes for listed partners
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We are always looking for ways to increase the number of leads we bring to our partners through the A2X directory.

To ensure a smooth and transparent process, our A2X Directory coordinator will help with communication efforts between our partners and ecommerce businesses seeking help from an accountant and/or bookkeeper.

We wish to give every partner a similar opportunity to sign up new businesses as clients, so we ask you to please familiarize yourself with the current process for our Directory.

The process for lead assignment:

  1. Once an ecommerce business fills out the "Match Me" form, we will do our best to assign a partner who matches the requested criteria.

  2. The assigned partner will receive an email from A2X notifying them of the client lead.

  3. From the email, please click ‘Let A2X know you got this” - this will take you to your A2X partner page profile, where you must accept or decline the lead.

  4. Please respond within 48 hours from the date of the lead to ensure a seamless experience for the prospective client.

  5. If no action is taken within 36 hours, the A2X Directory Coordinator will reach out to remind you of the lead.

  6. In order to provide a reasonably responsive experience for the prospective client, if, after 48 hours, no action has been taken by you, the lead will be reassigned to another partner.

  7. Additionally, we will not assign new leads to any practice if it has any pending leads in their Partner page account.

  8. Please continue to update the project status in PartnerPage with statuses of “Contacted”, “Secured” or “Lost”. This helps ensure the Directory is providing value to our partners and customers.

We kindly ask that you reach out to the business in a timely manner to ensure these businesses can get the help they need with their ecommerce accounting.

There is no issue if you elect to decline a lead. It will help us learn more about your ideal client profile, and we can reassign it to another partner.

We recommend providing access to your partner page profile to whoever is in charge of your sales process/client onboarding. This access can be easily added through the settings in your Partner page account.

Please note that ecommerce businesses may skip the Match Me form and reach out to your practice directly through your contact form. In these cases, you will be notified of the lead in the same manner, and the same process applies.

We welcome any feedback on this process.

If you have any questions or experience any issues, please contact us at

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