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A2X and BigCommerce - Preference Setting for Daylight Savings Time
A2X and BigCommerce - Preference Setting for Daylight Savings Time
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Have you noticed that your BigCommerce A2X settlements appear to be grouping incorrectly? It may be due to a preference setting that needs to be updated in BigCommerce.

BigCommerce does not automatically adjust order timestamps for Daylight Savings Time (DST).

We have written a check and balance into our A2X BigCommerce product that will make an automatic adjustment to your settlement time and date stamp if the DST box is not ticked and your store timezone is currently experiencing DST.

However, if you are still experiencing problems, you may like to try implementing the following change to your BigCommerce store settings.

To adjust your settings for DST, follow these instructions:

In BigCommerce, go to Settings | General | then click the Date & Timezone tab. Check the box next to Enable DST Correction, then click save.

A2X reads the default BigCommerce timestamp for purposes of aggregating the sales summarized data by day. If the BigCommerce settings have not been adjusted for DST, the A2X daily settlements will also read the incorrect timestamps.

The box should be ticked when your local timezone is experiencing DST, and unticked for the remainder of the year.

Please note that it is not possible to update retrospective settlements automatically. If you need settlements updated to reflect the updated time settings that have already generated, please contact A2X customer support.

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