Using A2X with Unleashed

Find out how A2X and Unleashed work together to provide you with all the accounting and inventory data you need to run your business.

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Unleashed is an inventory management solution that’s perfect for manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors, everywhere. Unleashed provides real-time inventory control by way of capturing sales data on a per order or per unit basis.

Unleashed is an ideal solution for managing inventory values in your accounting system… but what happens to all of the other accounting information that makes up your Amazon or Shopify deposits, such as fees, charges, shipping, tax amounts, etc.?

This is where A2X comes in!

Using A2X with Unleashed

Unleashed will post invoices to Xero or QuickBooks Online, but it only covers sales and refunds value. These entries are missing the additional accounting details needed for reconciliation (fees, charges, shipping, etc.), making it hard to reconcile multiple sales entries with a single deposit in your accounting system.

With A2X, sales channels like Amazon and Shopify are connected to your QuickBooks Online or Xero account. Lump-sum deposits on your bank feed are transformed into accurately categorized settlements, including detailed breakdowns of sales, refunds, fees, charges, shipping, and more, that can be confidently reconciled in just a click.

Please follow our recommended Unleashed and A2X setup to avoid duplicate transactions and reporting inaccuracies.

This recommended setup will ensure that your e-commerce sales and fees are sent to your accounting system from A2X and your COGS are sent from Unleashed. Unleashed calculates COGS based on Purchase Orders and Landed Costs entered into their system, so it removes the need to manually enter costs in A2X. Because Unleashed sends COGS to your accounting system via a Bill Journal, your month-end figures will include all sales and fees as per A2X, and the corresponding COGS as calculated by Unleashed.

How your Sales and corresponding fees will appear in Xero once sent from A2X. You will be able to reconcile this invoice with a single click as it will perfectly match the deposit from your e-commerce channel.

How your COGS and inventory movements will appear in Xero once sent from Unleashed

A2X Settings

The only change that will need to be made in your A2X account is that you won't need to upload your costs through A2X. If you were previously using this feature you can disable it in your settings (see below).

Unleashed Settings

There’s a toggle button within your Sales Integration settings that ensures Sales Orders are still processed by Unleashed, updating your inventory levels without sending the data to your accounting system.

Important Notes

  • This is particularly beneficial for customers selling through channels other than e-commerce, because any sales generated by POS, B2B, or manual entry within Unleashed would still be sent to your accounting system by Unleashed.

  • If your preference is to use Unleashed to only track inventory and A2X to send all transactions to your accounting system, that works too! We recommend disconnecting Unleashed from your accounting system to avoid accidental transaction uploads.

If you have questions or need any assistance to ensure your Unleashed and A2X accounts are working well together, please contact us via our chat support.

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