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Why doesn't A2X import each Shopify, Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Etsy order as an individual invoice/journal?
Why doesn't A2X import each Shopify, Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Etsy order as an individual invoice/journal?

Why does A2X send consolidated entries to Xero/QuickBooks Online/Sage?

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A2X has been built from the ground up with one basic premise - to correctly reconcile all transactions back to the money in your bank account - as this is one data point that you can have confidence in.

We have found that, when doing Shopify/Amazon/eBay/Walmart/Etsy accounting based on order data, it is extremely hard to ever correctly reconcile to the payments in your bank account. All of the sales, fees, adjustments, discounts mean that the order data seldom relates directly to the net payment received in your bank account.

In addition to the goal of reconciling the payments from your chosen sales platform to sales and fees, there are a few other reasons we are not importing individual invoices:

1) QuickBooks and Xero recommend against having too many transactions in your accounting system - QuickBooks Online and Xero are designed for financial reporting, not for operational functions.

2) We have experienced that, as your business grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage a large number of invoices, as well as it becomes less useful for management reporting. Many invoices per day can make the process of reconciliation slower. Our consolidated invoices speed up your ability to get quick and accurate financial reporting.

3) eCommerce Contacts - Xero does not recommend having more than 10,000 contacts in your account at any time and advises that performance can begin to be affected if you exceed this number. If a busy online Amazon seller were to post each invoice separately by contact, this limit could quickly be exceeded.

For example, if you have 100's of orders per day, you likely do not want to review each one of them within your accounting system, however, you do need to have complete confidence that you were paid the correct amount, and that this payment reconciles correctly to your sales and fees.

That's why A2X imports consolidated payouts, crunches the data, and generates a summary of the revenue, expenses, and all other transactions that make up your payout totals.

A2X will create an invoice/journal from each payout to be posted to your preferred accounting software. You will have a breakdown of sales, fees, shipping, and tax provided for reporting purposes.

You can further group your sales by SKU, product type, country, or region, and also use tracking categories/classes.

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