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A2X for Shopify and other sales channels

Managing the accounting when your Amazon, Walmart or eBay orders are passing through your Shopify store

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Often Shopify sellers will have sales from other sales channels such as Amazon, Walmart, or eBay, feeding into their Shopify store. This can be for a number of reasons, more commonly it is done for fulfillment as an example.

If you have other sales channels feeding into Shopify and you are using A2X for Shopify, the orders for the other sales channels will come through to your account via separate payouts, just like your other gateway payouts. This means you can see Amazon, Walmart & eBay sales in A2X for Shopify.

If you are also using A2X for Amazon, A2X for Walmart, or A2X for eBay Managed Payments, you will be covering the complete accounting for these channels so it is generally best to exclude them in your A2X for Shopify account so that you don't have to worry about any duplications.

Having an A2X account connected directly to the individual sales channels allows you to achieve complete accounting with full reconciliation ability as A2X will pick up all the other parts of your separate sales channel accounting that don't pass through Shopify.

On the A2X for Shopify side, you can then exclude the Walmart, eBay, or Amazon sales channels in Settings > Connections > Customize.

The Walmart/Amazon/eBay to Shopify order integration can still be maintained but the A2X for Shopify account will exclude the orders for the other sales channels.

With A2X for Walmart, A2X for eBay, A2X for Amazon, and A2X for Shopify, you get complete accounting so you can easily match our entries to your deposits as they come into your bank.

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