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Importing your Settlements/Payouts History

This article outlines how many settlements/payouts A2X will load from the e-commerce channel in trial and when you first subscribe.

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How much settlement/payout data will A2X load when I first sign up to A2X?

1/ Free Trial

If you are on a free trial, A2X will fetch the first 5-10 settlements/payouts it sees in the connected e-commerce channel account. The first three of these will be classed as 'trial settlements' or 'Trial payouts' where you will be able to review, send, refresh or export them to test the A2X functionality.

2/ Subscribed Account

When you subscribe to a plan, you will then gain access to all the settlements A2X has fetched to date. Upon subscription, A2X will also look for more settlements/payouts in the connected e-commerce channel and fetch these in automatically, if they are available. If you wish to see more settlement/payout history, you can go to Settings > History and request more history.

3/ Available History per plan

On our official website, you can check all of our pricing plans divided by e-commerce channel as well as our multi-channel plans. Here are the direct links to pricing pages:

Each of the plans states how much history can be imported within the threshold of that plan.

Here is an example for A2X for Amazon:

Depending on how much history you need to bring in, you would first subscribe to a plan that allows it for one month, bring all of the payouts' history into A2X, and then the next month, you would downgrade to the plan that corresponds to your average monthly orders number and remain on that one as long as your sales volume is inside the plan's threshold.

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