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Overview of Settings > Sales Grouping and Tracking section in A2X
Overview of Settings > Sales Grouping and Tracking section in A2X

Walk through the sales grouping and tracking options

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The Sales Grouping and Tracking Settings in your account settings control how A2X creates the Xero/Sage invoices or QuickBooks Online journals when posting them to your accounting system.

To access these settings you can click the Settings menu next to the blue bar in the top right side of your A2X account and then select Sales Grouping and Tracking.

By default, A2X will summarize all sales data and post the invoice or journal with a single sales line item.

Example transactions with a single sales line item.

You can also choose to group sales by SKU or by product type (if you have defined any product type groups in Settings > Product Types).

Note for Xero Amazon users: If you group by SKU, we will pass SKU and quantity data to Xero too, but note this requires that all your SKU's are already registered in Xero.

In all of our integrations, we have 'Additional Groupings' available.

For example, in A2X for Amazon, the second option in the 'Additional Groupings' section allows you to group sales by fulfillment channel.

Finally, if you are using tracking categories in Xero, or tracking classes in QuickBooks Online, you can also assign them to your invoices at the bottom of this same page.

A2X account connected to Xero:

A2X account connected to QuickBooks Online:

Please Note: Currently, A2X does not support Sage Marketplace Tracking. The team at A2X is working on bringing this functionality to our Sage users as well.

When you are happy with your settings on the Invoices setting page, click Save Settings.

Please Note: These settings do not automatically apply to old settlements, they are instead applied by refreshing the settlement(s).

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