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Request eBay owner to connect to eBay
Request eBay owner to connect to eBay

We have just made it a little easier for eBay account owners to connect to A2X.

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When an accountant/bookkeeper signs up to A2X for eBay on behalf of a client they now have the option to select ‘I am requesting access to an eBay Seller Account’. When this option is selected the accountant/bookkeeper will be able to enter the sellers name and sellers email address. The eBay owner will be notified and can make the connection to A2X.

This is what happens:

Step 1 - A2X will default to 'I'm the owner of an eBay Seller account' but you will select 'I'm requesting access to an eBay Seller account'.

Step 2 - If you select this option the following will be displayed:

Step 3 - Add in the sellers name and email and when the ‘Send Request to Connect’ is pushed an email will be sent to the owner:

Step 4 - Once the owner has connected to eBay you will be notified that the connection has been made.

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