eBay Holds and Disputes

How does A2X manage these and how should I account for them?

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What are eBay Holds and Disputes

These are transactions where there has been a dispute raised by a buyer and eBay will thus holds funds from the eBay Payout until the dispute is resolved. Disputes take funds out of the payout and credits will put them back into the payout.

We suggest posting this transactions to the balance sheet - in this example it's going to a current asset account called 'eBay Held Funds'.

In this way the total of the payout amount will still reconcile to the actual deposit in the bank account, allowing for any net amount held back at the end of the period.

What will this look like in my A2X Payouts?

You may be seeing the following transaction lines in A2X eBay Managed Payouts:

The sequence of transactions works as follows:

1) eBay holds some funds with a dispute (they get pulled from the payout) - Disputes eBay Dispute

2) eBay released the funds (they un-hold) with a credit back into the payout - Credits - eBay Credit

3) The seller files a claim which can amount to a refund. Then 1 of 2 actions can occur:

a) If the seller loses the dispute, the funds are accounted for as a credit back into the eBay payout, and then the sale is refunded back to customer

b) If the seller wins the dispute the funds are accounted for as a credit back into the eBay payout and the seller will keep the sale amount

So this means that Credit eBay Credit and Dispute eBay Dispute should be mapped to the same accounts in your accounting system.

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