What is the Partner Overview Screen

It has been designed for accounting firm managers who wish to see all of their firms A2X accounts. Please note that when you have access to the Partner Overview you will be able to see all your firms accounts not just those you have user access too. For this reason we suggest only managers have access.

The Partner Overview view can be used by Accounting Partners who:

  1. Have a partner ID set up

  2. Have more than one account linked to this partner ID

  3. Have been set up by the A2X partner team with user email permissions to view this screen. It is essentially a practice manager view

To find the Partner Summary page navigate to the blue drop down ->Options -> Partner Overview

If you have not been given access to this screen the message you will get is as follows:

Please contact@a2xaccounting.com if you would like to be able to see this Partner Overview user interface.

Accounts Table

The following columns for are displayed

Date the account was created

  1. Account Name

  2. Account created date

  3. Channel - Walmart, Amazon or Shopify

  4. Connection (Xero, QuickBooks or Custom Integration)

  5. Connected Company

  6. Plan

  7. Discount Code (if an account has a discount)

  8. Payment Method

  9. Last posted

  10. Orders and Settlements - Shows the last six months or orders and net sales and the last 10 settlements

You may see a message in red stating that a plan needs upgrading or downgrading. By clicking on the red text you will be given information about why this plan needs upgrading or downgrading. To remove the red text the plan will either be changed onto a more suitable plan OR a member of the A2X partner team will work with you on the upgrade or downgrade.

The people icons in the Price Plan column indicate linked accounts. Primary billing accounts or sub-billing accounts.

Amazon Price Plan Summary

This table displays each Amazon Plan, and the US dollar amount of this plan (before discount's) and the number of accounts on each plan.

This will repeat for all Shopify and Walmart accounts.

Accounts with your Partner ID but no active partner users

This table will show any accounts that have had your partner ID in the past but there are no longer any of your firm's users on the account. These are most likely to be accounts that you no longer manage or have been cancelled.

Accounts without your partner ID

This table shows any accounts that have your users from your partner ID but they are not yet linked to your partner account. These are most likely to be because they have been set up by your client and the client has invited you to the account. You can select update on those that have not had a previous accounting firm partner code however you cannot update those that have had a partner code previously. The A2X partner team will do this.

Please note this does not impact the users on the account in anyway.

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