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A2X Partners FAQ - What do I do if my client has multiple EU VAT jurisdictions?
A2X Partners FAQ - What do I do if my client has multiple EU VAT jurisdictions?

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In the last year we have introduced special VAT functionality within our UK/EU A2X regional accounts. This is to help sellers who have multiple EU VAT jurisdictions keep track of their VAT liability and sales in each tax jurisdiction for both Amazon and Shopify. Many sellers will use our functionality side by side with an EU VAT submission service. Some of the popular providers are Avalara, VAT Global, Avask and Simply VAT.

For our standard Amazon setup the seller must have the Vat Calculation Service enabled in Amazon Seller Central. Our standard setup mirrors Amazon’s own VAT Calculation Methodology which can be provided for review. For Shopify we also have some VAT functionality that can be enabled for sellers with more than one EU VAT registration.

In addition, we offer some custom setup options for Amazon sellers with multiple EU VAT jurisdictions where they have a third party submitting the EU tax returns who may be using an alternative method to the Amazon VAT Methodology.

If you have any questions reach out to the support team for more information.

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