Summarized payouts to easily reconcile

A2X was developed to manage accounting for sellers, whether they have 20 orders a month or 200,000. A2X summarizes the sales transactions, ready to post to the various Xero or QuickBooks accounts that you have mapped them to.

Custom financial reporting options

Even though the data is summarized, you don’t lose any of the information you need for financial analysis. A2X imports the information in a way that enables you to split the P&L by region, by sales platform such as Amazon or Shopify, or by other categories such as Shopify POS, wholesale, product type, gift cards and refunds.

Order details included as an attachment

Our partner trainers will be happy to show you some examples of how this works. The raw data file from Amazon or Shopify for each settlement file is automatically attached in your accounting system.

If you have any questions reach out to the support team for more information.

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