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A2X Partners FAQ - How long is my free trial for?

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No expiration date for the free trial

If you are an accountant or bookkeeper and have joined our Partner Program, there is no expiration on your free trial. The trial enables A2X to fetch in data from your client's ecommerce platform, summarize the data into entries that can easily reconcile with your bank feed.

Free trial limitations:

  • You will be limited to 3 summary files that you can post from A2X to your client's accounting system.

Free trial benefits

  • Before you subscribe to a paid plan, you can have access to all A2X settings and features including:

  • Preview the COGS feature

  • Inventory valuation reports (for Amazon sellers)

We understand you need time to make decisions and show A2X to your clients, therefore there is no time limit on the trial. Your A2X account settings, mapping, and data will sit in A2X until you are ready to subscribe to a paid plan. Once you subscribe, you will have access to any historical data that we've fetched in previously and A2X will begin a new fetch to bring in your client's more recent transactions.

Join the partner program

If you haven't joined as a partner yet, click here to read more about the benefits of being an A2X partner as an accountant or bookkeeper. Be sure to tell us when you're ready to sign up so we can schedule a free training and on-boarding session for accountants and bookkeepers.

If you have any questions reach out to the support team for more information.

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