After you have set up your trial account, sent over your first settlement to your accounting system, and reconciled it successfully, you are ready to decide which A2X subscription is right for your business.  Having a subscription allows you to access all your settlements and set additional configurations for reporting based on the greater breadth of settlements.

The Mini Plan is perfect for the Amazon Seller with one marketplace and 200 sales/month.

The Starter Plan is perfect for the Amazon Seller with one marketplace and 1000 sales/month.

The Standard Plan allows 5000 sales/month and gives you the flexibility to include up to five marketplaces from the same region in one amazon account.

Amazon has separate retail websites for the United States, the UK and Ireland, France, Canada, Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia, Brazil, Japan, India and Mexico.

Most of these marketplace-websites are grouped into Regions. 

European Region:
Italy (.it), France (.fr), Germany (.de), UK (.uk), Spain (.es), India (.in)

Asian Region:
Japan (.jp)

North American Region: Canada (.ca), Mexico (.mx), USA (.com)

This leaves a multitude of countries from Albania to Zimbabwe to shop on Amazon Global

If you sell in more than one of the regions, please purchase an additional A2X account appropriate for its size.

This plan gives you all the flexibility of the Standard Plan with 10,000 sales/month.

To subscribe,
go to your A2X Settings, and then Billing. Choose your best-fit plan.

We can provide subscriptions rates to accommodate even greater sales volume. Please reach out to us at for a quote to meet your business needs.

For more information on configuring your A2X account for your custom reporting needs, see our Help Center.  If you need to open another A2X account, please see How do I add multiple A2X accounts to one User login? to find out how.

We hope this series helped you!

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