A2X can pull in settlements from any marketplace from the same region into one Standard, Premium or Higher Level A2X Plans  (call us for a quote on the Higher Level Plans)

You can connect to all your marketplaces in the region by connecting your A2X account to one of the marketplaces.  The marketplaces in the region are detected automatically and any settlements from these marketplaces will start appearing in A2X.

European Region:
Italy (.it), France (.fr), Germany (.de), UK (.uk), Spain (.es), India (.in)

Asian Region:
Japan (.jp)

North American Region:
Canada (.ca), Mexico (.mx), USA (.com)

Australian Region:
Australia (.au)

One A2X account can connect to multiple marketplaces from one region. If you have multiple marketplaces in multiple regions, you will need an A2X account for each region.

See article How do I add multiple A2X accounts to one User login if you have this situation.

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