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How do I cancel my subscription plan and close my account?
How do I cancel my subscription plan and close my account?

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There are many reasons why you might want to cancel your A2X Subscription.
If the reason is that you are dissatisfied with the product or our service, please get in touch with us. We would love the opportunity to solve any issues you have encountered.

Canceling Your A2X Subscription

Ending your subscription plan will stop further billing. Your A2X account will revert to our free trial mode with limited access, but you can return to the account anytime.

Please note: Once cancelled, your service will end immediately to ensure that no further data is sent to your accounting system. You may want to cancel at the end of your current billing cycle to complete your full month of service.

To cancel your A2X subscription, go to Settings > Billing and click Cancel Subscription:

Closing Your A2X Account

Closing your account is different from canceling your subscription.  It is useful for deleting any duplicate or unwanted A2X accounts that are not being used.

Please note: To stop billing, you will need to cancel your subscription first. Additionally, closing an account is permanent. You will not be able to restore the account or its data once closed.

To permanently close your A2X account, go to Settings > Users and click Close Account:

Only the account admin can close an account, and if there are other users on the account, the account admin will need to remove them before closing the account.

Once you close the account, you will be automatically logged out of A2X, and when you log back into A2X, the account should no longer be listed. You can repeat these same steps for any other unwanted accounts.

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