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Bridging A2X and QBO: Simplified Journal Entry Tracking
Bridging A2X and QBO: Simplified Journal Entry Tracking

Now it's even easier to find journal entries from A2X in QBO and vice versa.

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What's New?

Responding to your feedback, we've crafted a feature designed to enhance the connection between A2X and QuickBooks Online (QBO):

  1. A2X to QBO
    If you review payout inside A2X, and you expand it to see the transaction details, you'll spot a link labeled "View in QuickBooks" located at the bottom left corner.
    Clicking on this will take you straight to the associated journal entry in QBO.

  2. QBO to A2X
    If you're in QBO, the URL you need will be found in the notes section of the journal entry, again on the bottom left corner. Copy this URL, paste it in the browser, and you'll land right on the originating payout in A2X.

Key Points to Note

To enjoy a seamless transition, make sure you're logged into the correct QBO account.

This linking enhancement is forward-facing, meaning you'll find the direct links on entries posted following this release, but not on entries from before the update.

Practical Example
Imagine you're in QBO and need to track down the payout from our app. Just copy/paste the URL from the notes to be redirected to the payout in A2X. Conversely, if you're in A2X and wish to view the payout in QBO, simply click on the "View in QuickBooks" link to locate the associated journal.

Why This Matters?

  • Precision at Your Fingertips
    By demystifying the linking process, we hope to make your navigations between A2X and QBO more intuitive.

  • Valuing Every Second
    These direct paths aim to save you time and reduce the need for manual searches.

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