Amazon requires all apps integrated with Amazon Central to be re-authorized every 12 months. This means you will need to re-authorize the connection between A2X and Amazon every year. We would recommend completing re-authorization before it expires so that there is no downtime or missed data in your A2X account.

This article explains the re-authentication process and how to complete these steps before the authentication expires in Amazon Seller Central. There are two steps explained:

The steps as an accountant or bookkeeper to send a new connection request:

1. Log into your client's A2X account and reset the Amazon connection by going to A2X > Settings > Connection

2. Send a new "request to connect" to your client. Be sure to notify your client so the correct Amazon account is re-connected to the correct A2X account.

3. Once the connection has been re-established, you will receive a notification from A2X and your client's authorization expiration date will be extended for another year.

Steps for your client to complete when they receive a connection request:

  1. Your client will receive a request to connect email from A2X.

2. They will be asked to "connect to Amazon".

3. They will be redirected to Amazon Seller Central to log into their Amazon account.

4. Next, your client will be prompted to authorize the A2X integration by selecting the checkbox and the "confirm" button.

5. Once the authorization is completed your client will receive this message to confirm the connection is complete.

Once the re-connection is completed the authorization expiration date will be in one year from this date. Please remember to reach out to your client before the next expiration date to avoid disconnections from the Amazon.

In case of a disconnection, simply follow the same process listed in this article to re-authorize the connection.

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