Congratulations! You have opened an A2X for BigCommerce account.

Now you're ready to connect to your BigCommerce store. A2X needs access to your BigCommerce to import your order data. Once connected, data will flow into A2X, but nothing will change within your sales channel. You can disconnect A2X at any time.

1. Click the green 'Continue with BigCommerce' button.

2. Enter your Store Hash and Access Token and select 'Connect to BigCommerce'.

To connect A2X to your BigCommerce store you will need a Store Hash and Access Token. Follow the instructions here to generate your Store Hash and Access Token if you're unsure of how to do this.

Please note that it needs to be the store owner who retrieves this information.

Your BigCommerce Account will now be connected and you will then be taken back to the main A2X admin dashboard.

Once connected, your first payouts will begin to import into A2X. The process usually takes 10-20 minutes and for larger BigCommerce Accounts, it can take several hours to complete.

You will need to connect your accounting system to see these payouts but we won't send anything to your accounting system without your permission!

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