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New Settlement/Payout/Deposit page layout
New Settlement/Payout/Deposit page layout

How to navigate our new settlement/payout/deposit page

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This article will provide you with further details on A2X’s new and improved settlement/payout/deposit page. With this new layout you can now view which settlements/payouts and COGS have been sent/not sent.

How does this new layout work for posting your settlements/payouts?

For users who do not have the COGS feature enabled, your new settlement/payout page will be updated to show a ‘sales not sent’/ ‘sales sent’ indicator and when you click the ‘send’ button the send to our accounting system will drop down for you to click and send your payout:

For users with COGS enabled, the new layout will provide you with further details about your cost of goods sold and the ability to send your COGS over to your accounting system without needing to review each settlement/payout.

This new layout will also allow you to clearly see which COGS have been ‘sent’/’not sent’ with the new indicators. You will be able to click on the ‘send’ button and the dropdown will provide you with the option of ‘send to accounting system’ which is your settlement/payout, ‘send COGS to accounting system’ and also ‘send both to accounting system’ this will send both your settlement/payout and your COGS across to your accounting system at the same time:

The refresh, export and delete options are now neatly stored within the ‘...’ on the far right of each settlement/payout. When clicking on this action a dropdown will appear where you can choose which action you’d like to take:

What if I have a COGS error?

This can now easily be identified, with the new Cost of Goods sold column. When a settlement/payout has COGS enabled and cost prices allocated to SKUs, the COGS invoice amount will be visible next to each settlement/payout amount. If there is an issue with the COGS, such as missing SKU’s/Costs that need updating a red ‘costs’ indicator will appear where normally the COGS amount will show:

Once the settlement/payout has been refreshed with the updated SKU’s/cost prices this red ‘costs’ indicator will change to the COGS invoice amount.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to the support team for more information.

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