Connecting multiple A2X accounts under your premium subscription

If you’re subscribed to:

  • An Amazon Premium 20K plan, Premium 50K plan, or a Premium 100K plan

  • A Shopify Advanced, Premium 10K, Premium 20K, or Premium 50K plan

Then your plan allows you to connect multiple Amazon Merchant Ids or Shopify stores under the one plan.

To do this, firstly ensure you’ve already subscribed one of the accounts to this premium plan.

You also need to make sure that none of the other channels that you plan to connect are subscribed to any other A2X plan.

From there follow these steps:

  1. From the blue dropdown in the top right of the screen, make sure you’re in the account that is subscribed to the premium plan:

2. Then, within this account, select settings > billing

3. You will then see the option to connect other accounts. The first A2X account listed is the one that is subscribed to the premium plan. Then by clicking on the dropdown arrow, you will see the available plans that can also be connected. Again, do note, you can only connect A2X accounts that aren’t already subscribed to another account. Once you’ve selected the plans, then click ‘Save’.

Each plan has an order volume allowance, such as 2,000 or 5,000 orders per month. If you connect multiple accounts that push you over your monthly order allowance, you will get a message from A2X prompting you to upgrade.

If you’d like to add an account that is already subscribed to another A2X plan, you will need to cancel this subscription before you can connect it under the one premium plan. To do this navigate to that A2X account from the dropdown in the top right, then select settings > billing > cancel subscription.

This feature isn’t yet available for the eBay and Walmart premium plans, so to connect multiple accounts for these channels, please contact support.

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