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How do the Accounts and Taxes mapping tools work?
How do the Accounts and Taxes mapping tools work?

This article describes the tools available on the Accounts and Taxes mapping screen and how they work

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The Accounts and taxes screen has a tools menu that gives you access to tools that can help with complex mapping processes. This article shows you what the tools do to help mapping.

Sub-transaction Updates

By default in A2X if you change the top-level transaction account or tax rate, the sub-transactions below it will all update to reflect your top-level selection.
This makes it quick and easy to apply the same accounts to large sets of transactions and is suitable for most users.

However some users may have specific transaction mapping needs and want to individually map every sub-transaction. To do this you can disable the sub-transaction updates so that the top level transaction mappings will not automatically update the sub-transactions.

You can enable or disable this setting at anytime while on the Accounts and Taxes screen if you need the feature in some transaction categories and not in others.

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