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Amazon VAT reporting - technical issue Dec 2019
Amazon VAT reporting - technical issue Dec 2019

This article describes the Amazon technical issue that happened in Dec 2019 affecting VAT reports and how to rectify it in A2X

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Amazon has reported a technical issue that December 2019 VAT reports  may be missing data per this warning in the Seller Central account:

A2X uses this VAT transaction report for accounts that have enabled VAT jurisdiction tracking - you can read about this in the Amazon VAT accounting guide.

If this setting is enabled in your A2X account, the VAT transaction data from this report is used to determine the VAT jurisdiction of your sales and refunds.

When A2X cannot determine the jurisdiction of any transaction in the settlement, the settlement is placed on-hold and it will not send to your accounting system. On-hold settlements will display like this:

The impact of this Amazon technical issue is that if your seller account was affected, you will be missing the VAT data and your settlements will remain on hold even after your VAT report is available for the month.

How to resolve this issue

A2X has marked the December VAT data invalid and re-fetched the reports. If your settlements were held they will automatically refresh. If they remain on hold even after refreshing please contact A2X support team.

Refreshing the settlement
If you have an on-hold settlement with a hold reason "Waiting for month-end VAT information" then you should refresh the settlement to have it re-calculate - allow 5-10 minutes for this process to run. If the settlement hold is removed then the new data is available.

If after refreshing the settlement the error remains, please contact us using the chat icon in the lower right corner.

If you have any questions or want to confirm whether your account is affected - please contact our team we're happy to help.

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