Consolidated billing groups all of your client's subscriptions onto a single bill.  The consolidated bill is issued monthly to qualifying partners and the typical billing cycle is the 1st of the month. Partners need to take action before the 20th of the month for the change to be reflected on the bill issued on the 1st of the month, or email Partner support

This article outlines two scenarios for removing an account from your monthly bill depending on whether a client would like to add their own billing details to takeover the billing, or to cancel the plan altogether.

(1) Client to takeover billing

This involves cancelling the subscription, changing the Admin details and removing the partner access details (if required), then resubscribing with the client's credit card details.

  • The steps to cancel a subscription are outlined here
  • While 'unsubscribed' change Admin then delete users by following the linked process
  • Client needs to login and update the billing details with their credit card information.  The steps are outlined in this article

Once the subscription is cancelled, it will no longer be on the consolidated bill.  Once the credit card details are entered and the client subscribes again, this account will be active.

(2) Cancel subscription

The steps to cancel a subscription are outlined here.  As a partner you will be able to view the history for as long as you remain a User or Admin of the account.  You can remove yourself from the account by following the steps to delete users 

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