Gateway transactions represent the expected sales or refund amounts in or out of a given payment gateway,

With A2X for Shopify there are two types of payout gateways:

  1. Shopify Payments - these payouts match directly to the bank deposits arriving from Shopify in your accounting system. This makes for easy reconciliation and for the reconciliation step is actually a good balancing check in itself.
  2. Other payment gateways - these payouts are accounted for in a clearing account which will clear based on payments received from the gateway. We can check these against the finance data directly in Shopify which is explained in detail below.

If we take the following Paypal payout as an example:

We can review this payout in A2X and see the following transaction detail:

We can also verify this payout information by viewing it directly in Shopify.

1/ Go to Analytics:

2/ Click 'Reports':

3/ Select the 'Finances Summary'

4/ Change the date range to the period you are wanting to verify. In our example it is the 1st to the 30th of April:

The payments will be broken down into their respective gateways. You will see below the total of our $63.99 PayPal payout is listed there:

If we click that amount we get to see the payment by type. This will show the individual orders that make up that particular payout:

In our example, because it is a single order, we can then click the order number to review the detail:

We can use this detail to balance back to the A2X entry.

(Product Sales Excluding Tax - Online Store) + (Tax - Online Store) = $54.99
(Shipping - Online Store) + (ShippingTax - Online Store) = $9.00

(Tax - Online Store) + (ShippingTax - Online Store) = $8.35

The above amounts all balance back to the Shopify order detail.

What happens in the case where it doesn't balance?

There are generally two main reasons you don't get a direct match when comparing the A2X payouts to the Shopify finance reports:

1. If an order is split between two payment gateways, Shopify will put your order into a combined multi gateway payout. Adding this to your single gateway payout will explain the difference. If an order is a combined payment with the Shopify Gateway, the order will appear in the Shopify gateway.

2. If a transaction to pay for an order or a refund was delayed. In these cases, A2X will show the difference between it’s numbers and Shopify’s numbers in a pending row in the payout.

For example, the payout below for the 6th of August is $85.29 more than Shopify’s financials report.  This is because an order for $85.29 was not paid for on 6 August.
You will see that A2X has allocated the $85.29 to it's own line in the payout data noted as a Pending Transaction.

To determine what happened here you can download the raw data file using the link on the settlement page:

Look for rows that are marked PendingTransaction.  They are always at the bottom of the file.  From these rows you can obtain the order number/s for the transactions that are causing the difference.

From there you can search in Shopify for the order number:

If you click on the order, you can get a timeline of events:

From this timeline you can see that the order was placed on August 6 but only paid for on August 12.

If we check the August 12 payout we will see that it is $85.29 below paypal’s number and also has a Pending Transaction for the opposite amount of the August 6 payout.

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