Account numbers are required for A2X / QuickBooks Desktop users to use A2X's Accounts and Taxes feature. This feature allows you to map your Amazon transactions to your accounting by using your Chart of Accounts in QuickBooks Desktop so imports will arrive already coded and ready to reconcile.

Enable Account Numbers in QuickBooks Desktop

To enable account numbers in QuickBooks go to:

Preferences → Transactions → check “Use Account Numbers”

Upload your Chart of Accounts into A2X

Once your Chart of Accounts file has been uploaded to A2X, you can go to your Accounts and Taxes page and click on the dropdown to choose the account:

For more information about uploading your Chart of Accounts file, see this article here.

Remember to save your mappings!

Once you have mapped your accounts and taxes for Amazon transactions, you are ready to review and import your first Invoice to your accounting system.

If you make mapping changes, be sure to save your mappings again. Also, you'll need to refresh your settlements to update the mappings in each settlement before re-sending them to your accounting system.

Well done, you've mapped your Account Types in A2X!

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