With A2X for Shopify there are two types of payout: Shopify Payments and other payment gateways.

By default A2X will import Shopify Payments payouts and these will match to your payments received from Shopify in your accounting system.

The other payment gateways are summarised into daily, weekly or monthly and include any order that happened in that period - if there were no transaction in the period for other gateways, no payout will be generated.

In this article we will look at common reasons why you may be missing on or both types of payout.

Missing Shopify Payments

Here are reasons you may not see your payouts in A2X:

  1. Payouts are not yet closed in Shopify will not be imported to A2X, please allow 1-2 days for these to be imported.
  2. The connection from A2X to Shopify has been interrupted and the payouts cannot be imported, please try to disconnect and reconnect your Shopify store.

Missing Other Payment Gateways

Here are reasons you may not see Other Payment Gateways in A2X:

  1. They are not enabled - please enable these in A2X Settings > Connections for either daily, weekly or monthly.
  2. There are no transactions in the period being summarized, so no payout is created.

You can generate prior periods for Other Payment Gateways using the preview option:

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