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A2X is designed to enable 1 user to manage many clients and 1 client to have many users.  To set it up correctly there are a few very simple tips and tricks you should follow!  This article will outline what they are. 

Summary of A2X User Management:

1.   All staff should have their own google login and subsequent email address so that if they leave, individual email addresses can be deleted from client subscriptions.  

2.   There is a Admin user on every A2X subscription (normally the person who sets up the subscription)

3.   Other Users can be invited to the A2X subscription by the Admin User e.g client, other staff who will work on the account.  

You do not need a new email address for every A2X subscription you work with.  

Tips for A2X and user logins

A2X Set Up:

1.   Decide who in the firm will set up the A2X subscriptions and thus become the Admin user on your companies A2X subscriptions.  You may wish to have more than one person doing this but please remember that there is only ONE Admin user per A2X subscription.  There can be multiple users on one subscription. 

2.  Click Free Trial to start the set up process for the first time.

3.   Make sure that all staff who intend using A2X have or create a Google login to A2X which is connected to their business email. Refer to article Set up Google login.

4.  Name the client account by going to Settings->Account Settings

5.   Make the Amazon connections.  

Do you have the client's login for Amazon?  If not, invite your client to the new A2X account to connect it to Amazon.  Refer to article Invite other users.  Settlements will start coming in over the next 12 hours.  Refer to article Connect to Amazon.

6.   Make the Xero or QBO connections

Connect A2X to the client's Xero or QuickBooks Online account.  This account will be either on your firm practice list or your client invites you to it.  Refer to Article Connect to our accounting system.

Note: if this is your second A2X account for a client, you can share the connection with a Xero or QuickBooks Online account.  Refer to article Connect Multiple A2X Accounts to Xero or QuickBooks Online.

7.  You can invite other staff members to the A2X subscription.  Refer to article Invite other users.

8.   Read this article on Set up Account and Tax Mapping.  Decide whether to go with the simple start accounts A2X creates or create additional accounts in the Chart of Accounts.  This depends on reporting needs of the client at the time.

9.   Sales tax can be tracked on one settlement line with no tax codes or on multiple lines using tax codes from Xero or QuickBooks.  The latter works in QuickBooks Online UK version but not the US version.  

10.   Other considerations:
       Does your client needmulticurrency or not?
       Does your client need  COGS  and or FBA stock valuation?

Please contact us if you need more support on how to set up A2X.  We love to help!

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